Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert

Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Spiegelgasse 1
CH - 4051 Basel, Switzerland
+41 61 26 70548
+41 61 26 70559

Research interest

My main research interest is in intelligent problem solving, with a focus on the area of automated planning. Automated planning is the problem of finding a course of action that allows an intelligent agent to proceed from whatever situation they find themselves in to a situation which satisfies their goals. Or, as an esteemed colleague put it much more succinctly: "Planning is the art and practice of thinking before acting." Apart from planning, I am also interested in all kinds of combinatorial search and optimization problems, including constraint satisfaction and classical NP-hard graph problems.

Short bio

I received a diploma in computer science (comparable to M.Sc.) from the University of Freiburg in March 2001. From April 2001 to May 2011, I was a member of the Research Group on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Freiburg, headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel. In June 2011, I joined the University of Basel.

From April 2001 to March 2003, I was a member of the Graduate Programme "Human and Machine Intelligence". From April 2003 to March 2004, I was a member of the Graduate Programme "Mathematical Logic and Applications". From April 2004 to March 2006, I was a member of the Transregional Collaborative Research Center AVACS. I submitted my PhD dissertation in March 2006 and defended it in June 2006. Between April 2004 and November 2006, I held the position of a teaching assistant and research scientist. Between December 2006 and May 2011, I held the position of Akademischer Rat auf Zeit (comparable to lecturer).

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All of my papers are available online.